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About Last Words

At times dark, funny and sad, Last Words captures life’s final moments. Where most stories stop at an arbitrary ending point -- two characters fall in love, a detective solves a mystery, a great obstacle is overcome -- they never end at the true conclusion. Last Words begins at the ending.


We all have it coming.

christopher hemsworth

Christopher Hemsworth was born in Halifax in the last century. Mr. Hemsworth has been drawing since he was a small child, but then got sidetracked by music only to rekindle his love of art again at the turn of the century, and shortly thereafter began creating comics. He loves music, chess, but not music about chess. He is very serious about his love of chocolate. Mr. Hemsworth works as a creative strategist, graphic artist and designer.

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julia kinsman

Julia Kinsman was also born in the previous century. Ms. Kinsman has been telling stories since she was a small child, and began writing them down as soon as she learned how. She loves books, coffee, and coffee-stained books. Her favourite food is sandwiches, and she is not being ironic about that. Ms. Kinsman is a freelance writer and editor.

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Last Words is their first collaboration.